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Swiftpassage Notebook ([personal profile] skyeyedoc) wrote2010-09-09 01:56 pm

First Entry

I've effectively been a LiveJournal ex-pat for quite some time, having developed a blog hosted from a home-based server using Plone, but I've missed the community that LiveJournal had developed, and find Facebook too garish and lurid a substitute to be much at home there. LiveJournal, itself, has some great people listed there, but their commitment is flagging as LiveJournal has instituted some of the most obnoxious kind of pop-up panels to pay the bills. It's just terrible to visit there anymore.

A friend with similar issues pointed this out on Twitter just a few minutes ago, and it deserves a close look. If a community builds up here, I could really get comfortable here. This might be a project I could invest in. And when will Diaspora arrive, I wonder?